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LGBTQ Mental Health

Anonymous asked: i want to die everyday I keep thinking kill me now today has to be the day ive been bullied and abused whats the point of living?







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Someone loves you. 

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Bring Change 2 Mind | Take the Bring Change 2 Mind Pledge


I pledge to follow the Bring Change 2 Mind principles:

For people living with mental illness:

I am living with a mental illness that is treatable and manageable.
I am a valuable and valued person and I deserve to be treated with respect.
I am responsible for the decisions and choices I make in my life.
Educating myself about the symptoms of my illness, and any side effects I may have from treatment, will help me find and use the resources I need to work toward stability.
Communicating about my experiences with others will help them support me in difficult times and keep me “on track.”
If I am feeling suicidal, it is critical that I reach out for help, for in the face of real pain and suffering, it is others who can help me with a commitment to live.
I can reduce stigma in myself and in others by being open about living with mental illness, naming it out loud, and raising people’s awareness.

For everyone:

It is likely that someone I know is living with a mental illness and that fear of stigma may be preventing them from accepting their illness and seeking help.
I can make a difference by learning about mental health issues and the devastating effects of stigma.
If someone I know exhibits sudden changes in behavior, I will pay attention and reach out to them.
If someone I know is experiencing suicidal thoughts, I will take it seriously and make every effort to ensure they get help.
I will not perpetuate or tolerate stigma of any kind and will commit myself to changing the way society views people living with mental illness.


#keepfighting #dontgiveup #depression #suicide


#keepfighting #dontgiveup #depression #suicide



Truth is, most people are selfish and only care about themselves. Instead of waiting for someone to take care of you & being disappointed & hurt when they don’t meet your expectations…. simply accept people as they are and learn to take care of yourself.



It kills me that more people will come to the defense of an imaginary god (really all they’re defending is their own belief system) than a real human being who is being (even publicly) mistreated and is obviously hurting! Have some traded their heart for people for a religion that gives them a “higher” reason to justify their ignorant, self righteous ways?



I will rebuild myself with the bricks others have thrown at me and use the tears I’ve cried as glue
I will come out stronger than before and be a force for good
I may have years wasted behind me but what they have said isn’t true
I am worth loving and I will stay alive to show each and every one of you :D



Do what you need to do to not feel alone. Feeling alone, over time, eats away at you in such a way that you feel your entire world as you know it start to deteriorate. It’s like you’re not a person anymore.


Anyone else get in these moods randomly? Sometimes induced by caffeine & sugar & sometimes out of nowhere lolol 😝


Anyone else get in these moods randomly? Sometimes induced by caffeine & sugar & sometimes out of nowhere lolol 😝